Hello folks, welcome to my blog. I am Sabrena Klausman, and I am here to write about how to best take care of a baby. I am a mom, and unfortunately, a widow, so as you can imagine, things are not exactly easy for me, since I need to take care of everything myself, on my own. In my blog, I will tell you all about the struggles I need to fight with, as well as the successes I will hopefully enjoy, while taking care of my little one.

As a single parent, it is very important to get educated. I must admit that I knew very little about parenting, let alone caring for a newborn, before I got pregnant. But now I am more knowledgeable about it all, so, if it is a first piece of advice I would like to offer to anyone in the same unfortunate situation as I, it would be to get as educated as possible. There are many sources of information in the world we live in, from forums for new moms, to books written by experts that you would feel hard pressed not to find the advice you are after.

Another thing that I highly recommend is getting all the support you can get. It is tough being all by yourself and I can vouch for it. So, if your family is willing to offer a helping hand, and there are friends you can count on, even if it is for spending a few minutes with your little one, while you need to go buy bread, do not hesitate to take the provided help. Actually, I discovered that involving my family has brought us closer and now I know that I have people I can count on. On the other hand, they also seem to be happy to help and this is a great plus. My blog posts will be all about how I am adapting to my role as a mom and how I manage to offer my little one the best care I can.

In one of the following posts, I will tell you all about how important is to have a clean environment in your home. There are, unfortunately, so many chemicals and pollutants around us that it is a real challenge to get rid of some of them, let alone all of them. While in the outside world, there is little one can do as an individual, although I believe in the importance of recycling and preserving water and energy, there are many things one can do inside their own home. Especially if you live with a little one, like I do, it is essential that your home is clean, and also free of all kinds of toxins and chemicals.